Fine Grinder Internal Workings and Components

fine grinding internal workings and particle size reduction components

Ever wonder how a fine grinder operates and what makes it work so well?  Particle reduction and sizing is essential in many processes and knowing fine grinder internal workings and components can be key to your success and the long term reliability of your grinding process.  Prater Industries graciously produces one of the best videos […]

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Lump Breakers

Lump Breakers

No… not the lump in your throat.  Lumps that occur in powder and other bulk solid materials that are a nuisance to material processing and powder flow. Lump breakers (a.k.a. powder crushers, lump crushers) are mechanical devices that break down larger bulk solid materials into smaller pieces for proper and easier processing and handling. Why […]

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Food Safety News

Food Safety News Broadest Range of Weighing Solutions

Food safety news occurs frequently. New Food magazine recently wrote an in depth article on Food Safety with quotes from Papa John’s, Chipolte and more companies.  In addition, Sterling Systems food safety efforts in the ingredient weighing and batching area include lot tracking for ingredients and batch validation.  This capability featured in nearly all ingredient […]

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Pulse Milling


After reviewing a recent blog about Pulse Milling by Prater Industries I thought it worthwhile to share and post here at our Sterling Systems & Controls blog. Specially pulses, their nutritional content and why they are milled.  It also examines some of the milling equipment offered by Prater Industries.  This is an interesting read. Pulses […]

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Sand Facility Control System

sand facility automated control system

The basic configuration for a sand facility control system includes a customized Rockwell Automation Factory Talk machine Edition (ME) software running on a desktop PC, interfaced with the PLC Control Panel, a Motor Starter Control Panel and Sterling Systems unique SandTrack™ software with WebCentral™ remote supervisory control software application.  This is typically a system used […]

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System supplier make a difference?

Sterling Systems Facility

Does your system supplier make a difference? When you need a custom engineered solution to meet your objectives for ingredient batching, material weighing, process control, process automation, bulk bag filling or unloading etc., the choices you make based on what the available suppliers bring to the project for you …. can make all the difference […]

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Upgrading Bakery Batching System

Upgrade Bakery Batching System

So you have an existing bakery batching system.  You need help upgrading bakery batching system?  Let’s examine an application where that took place. A customer asked Sterling Systems to analyze their existing batching system and do a batching system upgrade using mixing bowls as the batch container. This resulted in offering upgrades to reduce manual […]

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Why Sterling Systems?

Sterling Systems & Controls

Why do business with Sterling Systems & Controls (a.k.a. Sterling Controls)? It’s simple really …. Sterling Systems unique attributes including: Sterling Systems & Controls uniquely provides Full Custom Solutions that are designed with your operational processes in mind, with 24/7 After-Sales Support that is second-to-none. Sterling Systems’ provides the technology and experience to increase efficiency […]

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Vibrating Empty Bins


Vibrating empty bins?  Don’t do it. When you have a bulk solid material that flows unreliably or difficultly you will need to employ a flow aid of some type. Typically you can vibrate or use air. We aren’t going to discuss these two in detail here, just the use of vibration and the proper method […]

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What is a Rule Table

Ingredient Batching Controls key to process efficiency

Well that is an excellent question, “what is a rules table”.  A Rules Table can also be referred to as a Decision Table.  Being unaccustomed with the intricate details of modern controls and automation engineering you might hear and wonder about a “rules table”. So, what is a rules table? A Rules Table, in the […]

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