Pet Food Processing

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. roots are firmly grounded in the pet food and other animal feed processing industries with more than 50 years of experience in providing innovative solutions to customers world wide. While we have expanded and branched out to many other industries throughout the decades, we began by custom engineering systems for the animal food (pet food and feed for cattle, swine, chickens, etc.) processing industry and we have never lost touch with those roots. We continue to evolve and augment the design and technology of our systems for better accuracy and efficiency.

Pet foods and pet treats play a very leading role in overall global food processing industries.  Pet Food is arguably the fastest growing industry segment and pets play an increasingly important role to human living with emotional bonding and support.  It is important to ensure safe, abundant and affordable pet foods, and Sterling Systems & Controls material weighing, batching, controls/automation and material processing specialization/capabilities play an important roll.

Some material weighing, batching and processing information can be found below:

Semi-Automatic Hand Prompt Batching System for Pet Food

Micro Ingredient Weighing and Batching Systems

Bulk Bag Unloading Systems

Process Controls and Automation



Working With Us

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