Parts & Service


We know you need to minimize downtime. This is why we always recommend purchasing critical spare parts and components with your new process controls, ingredient batching systems, bulk bag handling systems, and other equipment from us. We urge you to take advantage of these opportunities so that you have critical spares on hand if they are ever needed. But if you require spare components, Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. can provide prompt analysis and response, including expedited delivery. 

The critical parts lists for your Sterling Systems & Controls equipment and systems should be available within your Instruction Manual and other documentation provided with our systems.  If you can’t find your manual or identify the part required, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and provide the equipment system project number, 14-23-1234, as an example, as well as the item description and any part number that might be on the component requiring replacement. 


Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. supports what we engineer and manufacture with second-to-none 24/7 After-Sales Support. While annual service contracts may be available, no annual service contract or upfront PO is required for support service.

Our field service and on-site audits can assist you in your continuous improvement efforts and your quest for operations excellence. Whether you are just considering making changes to improve product safety, consistency, accuracy, or overall efficiency and profitability, or you’ve had your equipment for six months or 30 years, our process control/automation and material handling/processing experts are here for you. Call on us for
custom-engineered process optimization solutions to assist with help to replace parts and with remote or on-site service.

Additionally, our process and equipment experts offer on-site training for your team to ensure the effective and efficient operation of your Sterling Systems & Controls equipment. Whether you have a team of experienced personnel or new hires, we can help get them up to speed on the custom-engineered solutions we provide. Our technical sales, engineers, and service technicians will work with you and your team to ensure that you get the most out of your experience with Sterling Systems & Controls.