Micro Ingredient Batching for Bakery

Sterling-Batching Modified

Micro ingredient batching for small-scale bakery operations with a limited number of ingredients is not something everyone can achieve. This custom-engineered solution delivers improved efficiency and profitability, plus high accuracy. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. specializes in custom-engineered systems for ingredient batching with high accuracy and meeting customer throughput batching rate goals.

When a bakery operation needed a novel solution, they came to Sterling Systems & Controls. We examined their goals and requirements and developed a custom concept to deliver what they sought. This unique system includes five stainless steel ingredient bins of various capacities. Arranged circularly, the ingredient bins use high-accuracy vibratory feeders to feed ingredients into food-grade bags within plastic totes. The batching tote sits on a high-accuracy platform scale. The system provides the throughput and capacity required for the requirements and goals of the multiple-shift operation bakery.

Controls for this micro ingredient batching for bakery system include a PLC/HMI Control Panel using standard hardware from Allen-Bradley. Sterling Systems & Controls is a certified Allen-Bradley systems integrator and UL-listed control panel manufacturer.

Process Screen
Lot History Screen

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