Material Weighing Systems

batch weighing system

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers a variety of material weighing systems for many industries and applications. Each system is customized to meet the exact requirements and demands of our customers. Material weighing systems are useful for the automatic batching of multiple ingredients using single or multiple scales. A material weighing system can also be semi-automatic. A semi-automatic material weighing system is used for batching applications and requires operator-assisted feeding of ingredients with automatic operator instructions, weighing and lockouts to ensure no more missed ingredients due to operator interruption or error. These automatic and semi-automatic material weighing systems for ingredient batching ensure batch integrity, quality & consistency.

  • Micro Weighing Systems
  • Minor and Major Weighing Systems
  • Hand Prompt Batching Station
  • Kitchen Batching System
  • Bulk Bag Unloading & Weighing Systems
  • Bulk Bag Filling Systems

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