Letter From Our CEO


Thank you! For over 50 years, you’ve entrusted us with delivering custom-engineered solutions to meet your objectives and requirements, helping you increase your sales and profitability through improvements in process performance and productivity. We are humbled and honored by your confidence in us.

From its inception, Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has been focused on engineering material weighing, ingredient batching, and process control/automation systems to help our customers. Without you, we would have no business. And our people value our reputation for being the best at what we do. You, our customers, deserve nothing less.  

We consider the trust you place in us as the foundation of our business strategy. It is this relationship that has led us to recently invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into expanding our facility, along with our systems for engineering, production, and sales to better serve you. Whether you are in Agriculture, Baking & Food Processing, Animal Feed Milling, Pet Food Manufacturing, Cattle Feed Production, or other processing industries, our infrastructure and organizational investments will benefit you with improved responsiveness and product offerings.

Today’s marketplaces are in a constant state of flux. As you navigate your market waters, we see Sterling Systems & Controls ability to remain flexible in providing you custom engineered solutions to meet your specific objectives, and our increased responsiveness, as key for your company’s success.  We will be there when you need us.



Ron Hegyesi

President, Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc.

CEO, International Process Equipment Company (IPEC)