Industrial Processing

When it comes to process manufacturing in a wide variety of industries, Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has the process and technology expertise to custom engineer solutions for virtually any industrial process. Our expertise in process controls/automation, ingredient batching, material weighing, bulk bag unloading and filling, and liquid dosing and handling extends to various industrial markets. We bring the total weight of our more than 50 years of experience to every application. 

An excellent example is the compounding and processing of materials to manufacture various rubber products. This requires the accurate batching of ingredients together for mixing and further processing, including oils and other bulk ingredients like carbon black, clay, etc. Our rubber batching systems typically include an automatic minor ingredient system, a semi-automatic hand-add batching system, dust collection, automatic indexing of totes, liquid systems, and a state-of-the-art control system. Sterling Systems & Controls has custom-engineered and manufactured batching systems and controls for rubber compounding for various rubber products. 

But our industrial processing experience doesn’t stop at rubber products. We have experience helping our customers efficiently and consistently produce other products, including a variety of construction material products, processed minerals, paints, and many types of specialty chemical products. Industrial processing markets and applications include hydraulic fracturing sand processing, pulp and paper, glass, plastics, wood, biomass, cosmetics, refractory materials, ceramics, cement, water/wastewater, and even industrial machine controls.

What is Industrial Processing?

Industrial processing refers to the transformation of raw materials or intermediate products into finished goods or components using various techniques and machinery that do not fall into other previously mentioned industry segments (baking, food, etc.). It encompasses various industries with specific processes, such as metallurgy and metal processing, electronics production, automotive, and textiles.

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