Feed Milling & Pet Food Manufacturing

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has its roots firmly grounded in the Animal Feed (feed milling) and Pet Food Manufacturing industries, with more than 50 years of experience in providing innovative custom-engineered solutions worldwide. While we have expanded and branched out to other industries throughout the decades, we began by custom engineering process control/automation, micro ingredient batching and other material weighing, liquid handling, and bulk bag filling and unloading systems for the feed milling industries and we have never lost touch with our roots. Our expertise in Animal Feed and the Food Processing industries led us to develop deep expertise in the Pet Food Manufacturing business as well.  Our solutions are focused on delivering improved process efficiencies, product safety, consistency, production throughput, and increasing profitability.

What are the Feed Milling and Pet Food Manufacturing Industries?

Animal feeds, including Feed Milling, play a leading role in the global human/animal food industry. Feed is arguably the largest and most crucial component to ensuring safe, abundant, and affordable animal proteins. World compound feed production is estimated at 1.29 billion tonnes in 2023. Feed Milling is the process of manufacturing a variety of feed ingredients and finished animal feeds for cattle, swine, poultry, equine, fish, and more. 

Pet Food Manufacturing is the production of pet food ingredients or finished products for domestic pets, such as cats and dogs. As pet owners increasingly treat their pets as family members, children even, pet Food Manufacturing is closely akin to both Food Processing and Feed Milling. Safety, consistency, flavor, and nutrition have become paramount in Pet Food Manufacturing.

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