Batching & Weighing

Batching & Weighing systems are a core capability for Sterling Systems & Controls. For more than fifty (50) years we have been custom engineering and manufacturing batching systems and material weighing systems in a vast array of industrial applications.

Material weighing is very prevalent in the processing of bulk solids and is found as a component within ingredient batching systems to complete recipes and formulas in a wide range of industries, including Feed Manufacturing, Pet Food Processing, Baking and Food Production, compounding materials for Rubber Production and many others.

When incorporating these systems the supplier, such as Sterling Systems & Controls, will engineer the number and type of scales to be used based on ingredient material weighment minimums/maximums, batch rate per hour and ingredient storage requirements. Decades of expertise in this are required to ensure that customer objectives are understood and met.

For more information about batching and material weighing and their applications, please review the pages in the links below.

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