Bulk Bag Handling Systems

bulk bag handling equipment

Bulk bag handling systems are one of our capabilities that emphasizes our strength in mechanical engineering and design. This includes custom engineering and manufacturing bulk bag packaging or filling machines, and bulk bag dischargers or unloaders. Bulk bags are a very common packaging for dry bulk materials in various industries. Bulk bags, a.k.a. FIBC’s super sacks, etc. come in a variety of sizes and methods of construction. Bulk bag handling systems include both bulk bag filling or packaging, as well as bulk bag unloading or discharging. Bulk bag handling, filling and discharging, can be incorporated within ingredient batching systems or can be standalone process systems.

BULK BAG FILLING SYSTEMS: bulk bag filling stations and packaging systems are custom-designed to fit exact process requirements and perform how they are required to meet objectives.

BULK BAG UNLOADING SYSTEMS: bulk bag discharging or unloading solutions are provided for unloading bulk bags of dry bulk solid materials. In addition, batch weighing can be added along with batching controls. Bulk bag unloading systems can include the addition of mechanical or pneumatic conveying, magnets for metal removal, dust containment/collection, bag massagers to promote discharge of material, and other features as required including a choice of weighing solutions.