Bag Dump

Bag Dump

The Bag Dump Station is typically used to empty small bags of bulk solid material, such as a wide variety of powders, into a bulk material handling and processing system. The bag dump is typically used to empty small bags of bulk solid material into supply bins or a feeding system. The basic unit usually consists of a hopper, hinged lid, outlet cone, bag support shelf, and grate. The Sterling Systems & Controls’ dump station is custom-engineered to meet the exact requirements of our customers’ process, often including dust collection to control the spread of dust during the dumping process. Bags are lifted and set on the grate where they are then opened and the material emptied into the hopper. The grate helps to keep the bag or parts of it from falling into the hopper. Dust collection is such that a downward airflow is pulled below the grate, pulling the dust away from the operator. Materials of construction can be mild or stainless steel.

Application Example

A common use and application combines Sterling Systems’ semi-automatic hand-prompt batching systems with a bag dump station to introduce the collected batch into a conveying system for transport downstream for further processing. In this example, a pneumatic conveying system is used to move the collected batches downstream. A blower system located beneath the hopper creates the pneumatic pressure to convey the batch bulk material.



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