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WebCentral Supervisory Control Software



What is WebCentral?

WebCentral is a browser-based supervisory control software application that allows you to access the database of a Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. control system. It allows you to do things like add or remove ingredients, create and manage recipes, manage ingredient and product inventories, set up a batching schedule, and review and print historical reports in a batching control system. Because WebCentral is browser-based, it is very simple and intuitive to use. This also means that WebCentral can be accessed by virtually any computer that is networked with the Sterling Systems batching or other type of control system, without having to install any software, other than a web browser. All features of WebCentral are protected with an elaborate, yet flexible, security scheme which is fully customizable.

Why WebCentral?

Does Accounting need to look up historical records, but they can’t modify recipes? What if your lab or corporate office needs to change recipes, but you don’t want them to change the batching schedule? No problem! WebCentral is a perfect fit for these and many other scenarios where a variety of individuals need access to information from your control system in a secure, reliable, and simple way.

What Can I Do With WebCentral Supervisory Control Software?
  • Add, Modify and Remove Ingredients and Ingredient Process Parameters.
  • Create, Modify, and Delete Formula Recipes.
  • Manage Bin Assignment Parameters.
  • Create and Modify the Batching Schedule.
  • Manage Ingredient and Formula Inventories.
  • View Current Batching Status in Real-Time (in text form).
  • Change System Parameters.
  • Most Screens contain Searching and Sorting capabilities to make it easy to find what you are looking for.
  • View and Search the Event Log.  The Event Log stores all Alarm and Event Information captured by the Batching or Control System.
  • Search for, View, and Print Historical Data.
  • Print Reports, including Ingredient Listings, Formula Listings, Formula Recipes, Bin Assignment Listings, Batching Schedule, Hand Add Check Lists, Daily Ingredient Usages, and Projected Ingredient Usages.
WebCentral System Requirements
   For The Control System:
  • Any Sterling Systems Batching or Control System that is based on an MS SQL Server Standard or MS SQL Server Express.
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) V10.0 must be installed. This is a standard Windows component that is available on Windows Server 2016 and higher or Windows 10 and higher platforms.
  • For SQL database Control Systems, the Control System PC must have enough system resources to run the Control System, SQL, and IIS. Since each Control System is unique, a Sterling Systems & Controls engineer on a per-system basis can determine the system requirements.
  For The Client PC’s:
  • Windows 10 or higher is capable of running a Web Browser.
  • A Web Browser that supports HTML 3.2, Style Sheets, and JavaScript 1.8 or higher. This includes Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Firefox.
  • WebCentral is licensed by the number of concurrent (simultaneous) users that will be logged into the system. Example: if two (2) individuals need to log into WebCentral at the same time, you will need two (2) licenses.




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