Advertisements for Sterling Systems & Controls may appear in several magazines as summarized below. Advertising is designed to convey the key message to our target customer base, that is, our commitment to custom engineer and manufacture the highest qualify and performing systems that meet or exceed our customers objectives and requirements.


Why Do Business With Sterling Systems & Controls?
  1. You have Automation, Batching, Weighing, Process Control and Systems requirements.
  2. You need a supply partner with technology/process application experience and knowledge.
  3. Your supply partner must possess the commitment to help you increase efficiency and profits, serving you before, during and after the sale with the best product and support possible.
Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is the supply partner you need.

Unique: Sterling Systems & Controls uniquely provides Full Custom Engineered Solutions that are designed with your operational processes in mind, with 24/7 After-Sales Support that is second-to-none.

Unique: Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. provides the technology and experience to increase your process and business efficiency, consistency, quality, safety, and profits.  We are your Automation, Batching & Weighing Specialists.

Unique:  With over fifty (50) years of experience and a unique industrial APPLICATIONS knowledge base, Sterling Systems custom engineered and manufactured state-of-the-art equipment and systems utilize the latest technology and/or components in data management, as well as raw material and production data tracking, automation and much more.

Unique: Sterling Systems & Controls engineering staff designs complete automated process systems for Feed Mills, Pet Food, Food and Baking, Rubber Compounding and many other industrial and agricultural process applications. These process systems include material weighing and batching systems, process controls and plant automation systems, upstream/downstream equipment such as mixers and grinders, conveyors, post batch material handling systems, and much more. And our staff are not contract engineers, our high quality engineering team (electrical, mechanical and software/controls) stays With You From Sales to After Start-Up. And if technical after-sale support is needed it is an engineer familiar with you and your system that will provide it.

Sterling Systems provides the best single-source solutions. This is due to attention to details and well-rounded experience working within a specific range of industries. These industries include Feed Production and Milling, Pet Food, Food and Baking, Rubber Compounding, Plastics, Industrial, Chemical, and Agriculture. All systems and services are provided to End-Use and OEM/Contractors/Engineering customers alike.

Advertisements for Sterling Systems & Controls are focused in several industry segments supporting our work and commitment to the Agriculture, Feed Production, Industrial Bulk Solids, Pet Food Manufacturing, Baking and Food Processing, along with several other industrial groups including Rubber Batching/Mixing.

Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc. will create custom designed, engineered and manufactured solutions based on your exact needs. No two system solutions are exactly the same. Today, our custom state-of-the-art designs utilize the latest technology specializing in: AUTOMATION, BATCHING and WEIGHING systems for dry and liquid materials; Data Management; as well as Raw Material and Production Data Tracking (Lot Tracking).

Baking & Snack Magazine
Feed & Grain Magazine
Food Engineering Magazine
Food Processing Magazine
Grain Journal and Milling Journal – Product/Service Directory Magazine
PetFOOD Processing Magazine
Petfood Industry Magazine
Powder Bulk Solids Magazine
ProFood World Magazine



Working With Us

Give us a call today to talk about your business and process objectives and see how Sterling Systems & Controls can provide a custom engineered solution.  You can reach us by phone at 1-815-625-0852, toll-free in the USA 1-800-257-7214, or by email at