Feed Processing Industry

Feed Processing Industry

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. roots are firmly grounded in the feed processing industry, with more than 50 years of experience in providing innovative solutions to customers around the world. While we have expanded and branched out to other industries throughout the decades, we began by custom engineering systems for the feed processing industry and we have never lost touch with our roots. We continue to evolve and augment the design and technology of our systems for better accuracy and efficiency.

Animal feeds play a leading role in the global human/animal food industry and feed is arguably the largest and most important component to ensuring safe, abundant and affordable animal proteins. World compound feed production is estimated to be over 1 billion tonnes annually.

Also known as Feed Manufacturing, there are formulations for virtually ever domesticated animal, whether pet, for human consumption, or for work, animals need food and feed manufacturing is critically important worldwide. Feed is processed for cattle, swine, pets (cats and dogs), and fish. The feed manufacturing process is similar for all feed. In addition, feed ingredients are manufactured and processed as a related industry sub-segment of feed processing.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is proud to be a member of the AFIA (American Feed Industry Association).

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