Food Ingredient Batching

Scales for Mixer Process

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers food ingredient batching systems for liquid and dry product. Automation systems can be provided for virtually every aspect of the food manufacturing area. This includes raw material handling systems, such as pneumatic & mechanical conveying, liquid systems (weighing & metering) mixer automation, and dry powder batching systems. Dry powder systems include bulk bag filling/packaging, bulk bag unloading and weighing systems, minor & major bag weighing systems, micro ingredient systems. In addition, a dry food powder processing system can include packaging systems.

Common applications include products such as dry & liquid mixes, batter mix, and powder & liquid drinks. In addition, health food & body building products, spice mixes and various bakery ingredients. Dry product food ingredient batching size can be classified into three categories, micro, minor and bulk ingredients. The automatic batching system for each can be independent but often is combined.

Food ingredient batching:
  • Formulation Management & Storage
  • Raw Material Management, Inventory and Usage
  • Material Parameters (Tolerance, Feeder Speed, Jog, Pre-act/Cutoff…)
  • Lot Tracking (Barcode, RFID)
  • Validation (Barcode, RFID…)
  • Equipment Parameters (Scales, Mixer, Dry Ingredient Feeders, Liquid Meters…)
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Mixer Load Tracking
  • C02 System Automation
  • Finished Batch Tracking
  • Abnormal Condition Alarms and Tracking
  • Remote Process Status & Data Access Software (WebCentral)
  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics Features (Local & Remote)
  • Bulk Conveying System Automation
  • Bulk Bag Filling/Packaging
  • Bulk Bag Unloading
  • Bulk Liquid Handling System Automation
  • Micro, Minor, Major Ingredient Automation
  • Semi Automatic: Hand Prompt
  • Mixer Automation
  • Packaging Interface – Yield System Automation
  • CIP (clean in place) System Automation



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