Minor and Major Weighing Systems


Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers customized minor and major weighing systems to create a batch of material that requires accurately measured ingredients, which is critical to batch integrity. These minor and major weighing systems (a.k.a. minor ingredient systems or minor ingredient batching systems; major ingredient batching systems) can be semi-automatic or fully automatic. As a part of our minor and major weighing systems, we offer supply bins, feeders, automatic bin refilling, work platforms, raw material bag handling equipment, dust collection, and batched material conveying equipment (pneumatic and mechanical).  Minor weighing systems are those which have typical weight sizes over 50lbs (23kg) to around 100-150lbs (45-65kg). Major weighing systems have individual weighments greater than minor.  It also is not unusual to see a weighing system with micro, minor and major size weighments.  These systems may combine automatic and semi-automatic systems into a hybrid system, combining multiple weight sizes and both automatic and manual weighing and batching.

Baking IndustryWe offer a variety of feeding devices for the minor and major weighing systems that are chosen based on the best solution for the specific application, through material product feasibility studies. For the screw or auger feeder selection, considerations include: 1) the industry (food, agricultural or industrial), and 2) the demands of the application. For industrial applications, we offer a Standard Duty design, or Heavy Duty design for different bin sizes and ingredient loads. We also offer Agricultural and Food Grade design feeders for these specific applications. Selection is typically driven by the product’s bulk density and the environment of the application. Standard feeder designs range from 2 to 6 inches. Size selection depends upon accuracy and rate requirements. We also offer systems with vibratory feeders. depending upon the application, where screw (auger type) feeders are not appropriate or the best choice.

Scale devices such as hoppers, platforms, conveyors, etc. are used in a variety of designs, depending on the specific requirements of the application. When considering the scale device or type, many application factors are reviewed such as the required scale resolution, accuracy, batch rate and also room constraints.

Transfer of completed batches to downstream processing, such as a mixer, blender or other process equipment, can be done manually (a semi-automatic system) or automatically.

Minor and major weighing systems areBulk Bag Unloading Systems modular in design allowing for expansion of the systems as requirements change over time. Many customers will automate the most frequently used material with the highest volumes and add it to the system. Systems typically range from 6 to 48 storage/supply bins. It is not unusual to update systems with additional bins and update system controls decades after initial design and installation.  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. minor and major weighing systems are designed to easily allow for expansion, changes and modifications mechanically as well as in the controls and automation area.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. custom engineers and manufactures minor and major weighing systems to provide the most efficient weighing and batching systems for various agriculture and industrial applications; including feed, pet food, food, baking, rubber, chemicals and many more industries.

Our unique approach to micro, minor and bulk ingredient weighing and batching systems set us apart from others.  The designs are custom-engineered for each application utilizing standardized components. We offer Bulk Bag Unloading and Weighing Systems, Tote Bin Systems, Large and Small supply bin systems manufactured from Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Plastic. The scale designs are customized to minimize the mass of the scale to ensure high-scale resolution while maximizing accuracy and repeatability. These systems include many features that cannot be found in other systems to ensure consistent weighments and batch integrity.

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