Bulk Bag Discharge of Clay Powder

bulk bag discharge

The scope of this bulk bag discharge of clay powder system includes a mild steel bulk bag discharge frame that uses the customers’ existing beam and hoist to lift the bulk bags into the frame. The frame incorporates four bottom massage plates to lift the bag corners. An industrial vibrator is added to assist in promoting flow through the hopper and feeder, which is located under the frame.  The feeder is a steel auger/screw that feeds an existing hopper.bulk bag discharge

This bulk bag discharge of clay powder system unloads and discharges the bag ingredients through a dust-tight bag neck tie-off. Features of the bulk bag discharge of the clay system include:

  • Painted mild steel structure. Color: Dark Gray.
  • Uses existing beam and hoist at customer site.
  • Bag manipulation for the lower end of the bag; four (4) paddle-style massage plates to lift bag corners to aid in emptying the bags. Opposing paddles operate as a set and are pneumatically controlled. Plates cycle up and down manually or automatically, timer controlled, or can be put in an “all up” position to form a cone for complete bag unloading.
  • 304 stainless steel material for parts in contact with material.
  • 12” Hand operated slide gate valve mounted below the bag tie-off that serves as an emergency shut-off gate.
  • 18” Iris Valve above bag neck tie-off.
  • (1) Bulk Bag lift frame.
  • Continuous welds on the frame.
  • Manually operated dust-tight bag neck tie-off.
  • Auger screw feeder connected at discharge.




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