Mixer Designs in Food … Why They Matter?


When it comes to mixing food ingredients for products that will be consumed by us humans, or even for pet food for that matter, mixer designs matter.  Why? Cleanliness and proper functionality so the materials are mixed adequately according to product requirements. As one mixer manufacturer puts it, mixer designs must be selected to deliver sanitation, consistency and flexibility.  Of course the “sanitation” corresponds to being clean in operation and easily cleaned after and between uses if different formulas or mixes are run using the same mixer.  Consistency involves the ability to mix your materials the same way every batch so that your products turn out the same. Nothing worse than buying a food product and one tastes great, but the next is too sweet, salty or has lumps where there shouldn’t be lumps. And flexibility? Each time you change a recipe you don’t want to have to buy a new mixer, right?  So the mixer you choose needs to be flexible enough to cross from  generation to generation of product and maybe from product to product.

Check this White Paper out regarding Mixing Equipment and Applications.

As for controlling the mixing process in food or other industries, Sterling Systems & Controls can help you. We have over 50 years of controls experience in a wide range of industries.  Check it out with this example application! Not just controlling the mixing function, but the entire process automation.


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