Ingredient Batching for Rubber

Ingredient Batching for Rubber

Ingredient batching for rubber compounding requires process knowledge and an expert level understanding of material weighing and batching system control/automation.  Ingredient batching for rubber requires a custom engineered and manufactured automatic batching system for high productivity and value.  A hybrid ingredient bulk material batching system combines minor bin and bulk bag ingredient batching providing automatic batching for a rubber manufacturing compound. This automatic batching system successfully replaces the unproductive, slower and labor intensive manual batching process with a more profitable, efficient, fast and accurate automated system.

The minor ingredient batching system from Sterling Systems & Controls is customizable and can be configured with virtually any number of bins and/or bulk bag stations.  In one rubber compounding application the rubber compound manufacturer uses a Sterling automatic batching system with 10 Ingredients (7 bins and 3 bulk bags) that directly feed batch containers.  Each batch is weighed via a gain-in-weight system on the systems’ roller conveyor. Further customization of the automatic batching system provided by Sterling Systems includes a dust collection system for dust control during the automatic ingredient batching.  The overall system also includes a pallet platform, a stairway to gain access to the work and pallet platform, and a rolling stairway to gain access to untie the bulk bag ingredients.

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