Dust Containment for Ingredient Batching Systems

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. custom engineers ingredient batching systems for dusty, difficult-to-handle materials, sometimes hazardous materials. Dust collection system for ingredient batching is essential to protect personnel and equipment.

Sterling’s ingredient batching systems are often equipped with dust containment and collection systems, including a dust collector (typically baghouse design), dust collector hoods over ingredient bins and between feeders and batch hoppers, along with ducting to the collector (inside or outside). Dust collection hoods for each ingredient bin can be fixed in place or a traveling dust hood with flexible tube connections can be used.

A minor ingredient system for food processing is a good example of ingredient batching that might require dust containment and collection during the ingredient feeding and weighing process. Dust control and containment inside the plant is typically a big concern and a requirement. Sterling Systems is able to custom engineer not just a dust collector but also the collection hoods for the scale hoppers, the bins, and all the required ducting. In this application a traveling dust hood for each row of bins was designed. This has been a successful system and approach for several years.

Moveable Dust Hood for Supply Bins