Batching Systems Include Material Lot Tracking

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. custom engineers and manufactures material weighing and batching systems and is pleased to announce that lot tracking material traceability is available. Batching Systems Include Material Lot Tracking is an important announcement. Raw material lot tracking is a requirement in many industries for safety, including the Food industry where end products are for human consumption, and Animal Feed and Petfood industries where animals (chickens, cattle, hogs, dogs, etc.) are mass fed or Feed/Petfood is commercially sold.

Mixer Control

Sterling Systems custom engineers and manufactures weighing control systems that can require operators to enter a valid lot number before the system proceeds further.  This can be done by scanning a barcode, manual entry, or by RFID.  The Weighing Control System would include a Lot Table that contains records for each materials lot numbers. Often lot tracking and ingredient traceability is combined with batch validation at the use or consumption point, such as at a mixer.  This takes product safety a step further by not only providing the tracking and traceability of each ingredient in the material batch, but by also confirming and validating that the correct batch was put into the mixer or consumed as required.

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