Lump Breakers

Lump Breakers

No… not the lump in your throat.  Lumps that occur in powder and other bulk solid materials that are a nuisance to material processing and powder flow. Lump breakers (a.k.a. powder crushers, lump crushers) are mechanical devices that break down larger bulk solid materials into smaller pieces for proper and easier processing and handling.

Why are Lump Breakers needed?

Materials often clump together due to moisture and particles settling during storage, transport or in the manufacturing process. These clumps are undesirable as they make processing of the material difficult.  Buyers expect the material they buy to be of a consistent size. Lump breakers address these issues and are designed to handle various materials for multiple industries, whether wet, dry, hard, or soft.

Benefits of Lump Breakers
  • Buyers aren’t likely to purchase material with clumps.  Many manufacturers will place lump breakers under their silos and bulk bag unloaders to break down the larger chunks before transport.  Lump breakers are often incorporated into air lock rotary valve designs for this reason.
  • To meet market expectations for the bulk solid materials and transport them more efficiently, you may need to break the material down into smaller pieces via a lump breaker. This can be vitally important if you’re using a pneumatic conveying system where having the correct air-to-particle ratio is critical to its efficiency.
  • These device provide a simple, durable, and economical means of conditioning material. Simultaneous application of gentle impact and shear results in free-flowing materials with uniform size distribution. Many industries require size uniformity when blending, conveying, and packaging their finished products.


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