Key to Process Efficiency

Ingredient Batching Controls key to process efficiency

Key to process efficiency is the upgrading of process control and automation technology in your dry material handling, storage and processing. Instrumentation, control and automation technology components and software advancements afford equipment upgrades.

An example is the use of industrial PC software based upon the .NET framework developed by Microsoft, used for automation interface to improve operator performance and safety.

Operator interfaces based on .NET conform to standards of ISO 11064, ISA101, ANSI, and ASM for:
– Reduced Eye Fatigue, counteracting “tunnel vision” under stress.
– Reduced Errors, providing superior accuracy during abnormal conditions.
– Displaying data in a highly contextual form, improving decision making.
– Organizing data for more intuitive operation, reducing the need for operator memorization.
– Use of multiple monitors, allowing more than one person to operate/monitor the system.

Migrating process control and automation technologies is key to process efficiency and greatly assists bulk solids processors in the Food, Feed, Pet Food, Chemical, Rubber and other industries, increasing process efficiency and profits.