VFD Control Panels

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No project for custom process controls, even just the electrical control components, is too small when a customer needs our help. One example is VFD control panels. In this specific case reviewed here, we were working with Prater Industries and they required the electrical controls for a Lump Breaker airlock, and also for a Hammermill. Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has provided both of these pieces of process equipment in systems before and is very familiar with their operation, control requirements and the automation and use of them in a wide range of industries, including providing VFD control panels. Sterling Systems & Controls is a certified UL control panel manufacturer and routinely provides electrical controls for a wide range of process equipment. Here we proposed and provided two (2) VFD control panels, each a dual VFD panel with one (1) VFD for the Lump Breaker and one (1) for the Hammermill. Two VFD panels were provided at the request of the customer as there were “two lines”, each having a Lump Breaker and a Hammermill. One panel for all four devices could have been provided but the customer requested the split into two (2) VFD control panels. These VFD control panels are rather simple. Once we know the electrical requirements of the lump breaker and Hammermill, we know what to do.

Each of the VFD control panel included:
• NEMA12 enclosure, grey painted finish, 48″ x 37″ x 16″.
• Pull handle disconnect.
• Mains circuit breaker, 480VAC 3∅.
• One (1) Hammermill, PowerFlex 525 Drive w/ Ethernet/IP, 480VAC 3∅, 17Amps, 10HP.
• One (1) FB-14 Lump Breaker, PowerFlex 525 Drive w/ Ethernet/IP, 480VAC 3∅, 13Amps, 7.5HP.
• Fused Short-Circuit Protection for each VFD.
• Full Numeric LCD HIM mounted on each VFD.

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