Minor Ingredient Weighing & Batching System


Sterling Systems and Controls revolutionized a bakery’s production process with their innovative Minor Material Weighing System and Batching Controls. By ensuring precise weighments of minor ingredients for bread dough, Sterling’s solution facilitated consistent batches of Buns, Bagels, French Bread, and Italian Bread Products every time. However, the challenge was substantial: storing and weighing ten raw ingredients with maximum accuracy throughout a full day’s production while meeting space restrictions and eliminating the risk of missing or double-dosed ingredients.

Sterling’s solution was comprehensive and tailored to the bakery’s needs. A combination of circular and rectangular bins optimized storage efficiency, while various feeder types and sizes accommodated different material weight sizes and flow characteristics. Removable lids with dust collection pickups and bar grating inside the supply bins ensured cleanliness and operational integrity. Moreover, the Systems Controls, PC, and PLC-based empowered operators with formula selection, batch quantity adjustments, and a user-friendly scheduling interface for seamless production management.

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