Micro/Minor Weighing System With Bulk Bags


Explore this case study, highlighting Sterling’s innovative solution for a leading animal feed producer. In response to the client’s pressing need for enhanced batch efficiency, precision, and labor optimization, Sterling delivered a tailored Micro/Minor Weighing System with Bulk Bag capabilities.

The challenge was clear: reduce batch cycle times, improve accuracy, and minimize manual labor. Sterling’s solution was equally clear and comprehensive. They implemented a Micro/Minor Weighing System with Bulk Bag capabilities, revolutionizing the process.

With features such as multiple high-resolution scales, stainless steel supply bins, and a heavy-duty frame, Sterling’s solution not only met but exceeded expectations. From reducing batch cycle times from ~15 minutes to ~5 minutes to eliminating or greatly reducing manual labor, the results speak for themselves.

Download the full case study to delve into the intricate details of this transformative solution.