WebCentral Supervisory Software for Batching/Process Control System

Sterling, IL February 2018: Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce its WebCentral supervisory software for batching/process control systems. WebCentral is a browser based supervisory software application that allows you to access the database of a Sterling batching or process control automation system. It allows remote access to control system data for monitoring and/or control. Does Accounting need to look up historical records, but you don’t want them to be able to modify recipes? What if your lab or corporate office needs to be able to change recipes, but you don’t want them to change the batching schedule? No problem! WebCentral supervisory software is a perfect fit for these and many other scenarios where one or a number of individuals need to remotely access information from your control system in a secure, reliable and simple way.

What can you do with WebCentral supervisory software?

  • Add, modify or remove ingredients and ingredient process parameters.
  • Create, modify and delete formula recipes.
  • Manage bin assignment parameters.
  • Create and modify the batching schedule.
  • Manage ingredient and formula inventories.
  • View batching status in real-time (in text form).
  • Change system parameters.
  • Search and sort most screens.
  • View and search the event log (alarms/events).
  • Search for, view and print historical data.
  • Print various reports; ingredient/formula listings, formula recipes, and batching schedules etc..

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has 40+ years of experience providing efficient solutions for batching, micro, minor and bulk weighing, bag unloading systems, as well as plant automation.  Sterling’s designs utilize the latest technology to provide specialized data management, raw material management, along with production data tracking.  For more information contact Sterling Systems & Controls at 1-815-281-5378sci@sterlingcontrols.com, and at www.sterlingcontrols.com.