Moving Batches from Point A to Point B

So you are going to purchase a custom-engineered ingredient batching system but are concerned about how to arrange for moving batches from point A to point B? Meaning, how to get the batched ingredients from the batching system to the mixer.  Well that’s not too difficult, depending on the facility layout.

While many ingredient batching systems collect ingredient batches in tote containers, mixing containers or even boxes, it is possible to equip the ingredient batching system with batch conveying to the mixer, or whatever the next downstream step is, so that the system is automatically moving batches from point A to point B, from the discharge of the ingredient batching system to the mixer, etc..

This is a part of what custom-engineered ingredient batching systems are all about, making the system work for you!  Batch transport via conveying is just one more customization that is easily accomplished to improve your efficiency and profitability. There are two typical methods to convey the batches to the mixer:

Pneumatic Transfer: Using air to move batches from the ingredient batching system to the mixer is common for automatic ingredient batching systems.  Pneumatic transfer uses either positive pressure blowers or vacuum systems. This method is fairly rapid but can consume plant air to achieve the desire effect.  Pneumatic transfer is generally applied for conveying large distances and across multiple levels within a facility.

Mechanical Transfer: The most common form of mechanical conveyance in automatic ingredient batching systems is a mechanical drag conveyor.  They are used for more limited distance because of the shear size and weight of the conveyor.