Monitoring Particle Size Reduction

Recently a blog post from Prater Industries caught my eye. You can read that post here. The blog post at Prater Industries essential discusses the benefits of particle size reduction and the benefits of fine grinders.  However, all would be for naught if you didn’t monitor the condition of the grinder or classifier during its operation. High speed rotation in grinders requires the use and health of its great bearings. Monitoring bearing condition and vibration in the grinder is important to detecting problems before they become catastrophic.

Sterling Systems designs and manufactures the highest quality bearing monitoring systems for grinders and classifiers for use with Prater Industries particle size reduction units.  Check out more click for a PDF here …. BEARING CONDITION MONITOR FOR PRATER MILLS AND CLASSIFIERS

Key Benefits of Sterling Systems Bearing Condition Monitoring for Prater Particle Size Reduction units:
– ALARM WARNING PRIOR TO SHUTDOWN: Saving you time and money in maintenance and equipment replacement. The bearing condition monitoring systems alert you before your high speed mill or classifier has failed due to mechanical problems.
– ELIMINATE MAJOR DAMAGE TO EQUIPMENT: Alarm notification prior to equipment failure and equipment shutdown prior to catastrophic damage … peace of mind.
– DATA TRENDING READY: The standalone version includes three (3) analog outputs for each bearing (acceleration, velocity and temperature). You can use these to record and collect data trends.

Two types of Bearing Condition Monitors; 1) Standalone, 2) Integrated

Particle reduction from Prater Industries, Grinder and Classifier process control from Sterling Systems, as well as Bearing Condition Monitors.  he whole package.  Contact us at 815-625-0852 or