Grinding and Classifying Control & Automation

Sterling, IL March 2017:  Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce its customized process control & automation system for grinding and classifying. Due to our unique knowledge of process, equipment, and automation technology, Sterling Systems can customize, automate, and complete the conversion of your raw material to multiple finished products through grinding and classifying. “Grinding,” “milling,” and “classifying” terms are sometimes used interchangeably because, in recent years, the differences have blurred. In any case, the challenge for process control & automation of the grinding and classifying process is to monitor and control multiple pieces of process equipment and to automate this with minimal, if any, human intervention. This could be for milling grains to produce feed or foodstuffs, chemicals and minerals, pharmaceutical applications and more.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. provides upfront design engineering assistance from process to automation. Engineering and equipment are provided including electrical controls, classifying/grinding mill monitoring for safety and maintenance, sensors, and a PLC/PanelView-based automation system. These control and automation systems can also include formulation and setpoint data storage, live data trending, and historical data collection.

Example Application

In the grain processing area, for food ingredients and materials, Sterling Systems has repeatedly provided design engineering, electrical controls and automation to transform a whole grain into multiple products such as flour, starch, protein etc.. In this example Sterling Systems used a PLC/PanelView running a custom designed FactoryTalk View ME application. In addition, Sterling Systems engineered and provided the electrical controls and electrical equipment for the grinding and air classifying mills, and also the grinding mill monitor control panel.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has 40+ years of experience providing efficient solutions for process equipment, batching, micro, minor and bulk weighing, bag unloading systems, as well as plant automation.  Sterling’s designs utilize the latest technology to provide specialized data management, raw material management, along with production data tracking.  This can include our unique WebCentral remote supervisory application.  Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc. also offers onsite Startup and Support, and our remote support is available 24/7.  For more information contact Sterling Systems & Controls at 1-815-281-5378, and at