Dust Containment is Essential

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. designs material weighing and ingredient batching systems for dusty, difficult-to-handle powder and bulk solid, sometimes hazardous, materials. Dust containment is essential to protect personnel and equipment.

These systems are all custom engineered and can be equipped with dust control and containment options, including a dust collector (typically baghouse design), dust collector hoods over ingredient bins and between feeders and batch hoppers, along with ducting to the collector (inside or outside facility). The dust collection hoods for each ingredient bin can be fixed in place or be a moveable dust hood with flexible tube connections.

Dust containment using baghouse designs: A baghouse is an air pollution control device and dust collector that removes particulates released from dry material production processes out into the air. Food processing and manufacturers, chemical producers, power plants, steel mills, pharmaceutical producers, and other industrial companies often use baghouses for dust containment and to control emission of air pollutants.