Dust Collection In Batching Systems

dust collection in batching systems
Traveling Dust Collector Hood for Supply Bins

Dust collection in batching systems is a part of Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc..  Custom design and engineering of material weighing and ingredient batching systems for dusty, difficult-to-handle materials, sometimes hazardous materials requires significant technical and process knowledge.  Fifty (50) years of expertise in ingredient weighing, batching and process controls/automation is brought to bear on every application by Sterling Systems. Dust collection in batching systems is essential to protect personnel and equipment.

Using specially designed takeoff points and dust collection hoods, custom-engineered micro and minor ingredient batching systems dealing with dusty powders can be clean and safe for both your facility and personnel.  Sterling’s systems are custom-engineered and can be equipped with dust collection systems, including a dust collector (typically baghouse design), dust collector hoods over ingredient bins and between feeders and batch hoppers/containers, along with ducting to the collector (inside or outside). Dust collection hoods for each ingredient bin can be fixed or a traveling dust hood with flexible tube connections can be used.