Don’t “Dust Socks” Impact Scale Hopper Accuracy?

Yes they “can” impact scale hopper accuracy. But they don’t have to, when the correct dust sock is chosen and installed properly.

Anything attached to the scale hopper and then attached to other equipment (above it or below it) can impact scale hopper accuracy.   With dust socks, If the sock is too tight it will cause binding and will typically cause the material weighing system to weigh too much and may cause problems during discharging of the scale hopper as well.

If the fabric used for the dust sock is too stiff, this can cause the same issues.   Stiffness is usually caused by the thickness of the sock material or the type of material used for the sock.

What solution does Sterling Systems use?  We typically we use a thin satin material for dust socks on our minor ingredient batching system scale hoppers.  We have also used thin plastic socks on occasion for very sensitive micro ingredient batching system scale hoppers.

With 50 years of experience in material weighing and batching, process control and automation, we have developed ways to help customers meet and achieve their goals and objectives, including the importance of weighment accuracy. Not letting even the small things impact scale accuracy is important to the “big picture” solution. We pay attention to the details.