Discharge Bulk Bag AND Fill/Package in Bags

There are many applications for bulk bag unloading or discharging. Often process steps are combined together, i.e. Discharging and Weighing, Discharge and Conveying, etc. One application combines discharging a bulk bag and weighing and filling small bags.  This application combine multiple steps and is a time saver. The bulk bag discharging device can come ahead of many other steps. Also, including tramp metal detection and extraction and can also include dust collection.


What might a bulk bag discharge device with bag packaging look like? Bulk Bag Discharge with Bagger Function.

Give Sterling Systems & Controls a call and let us show you how we can design and make a bulk bag discharging system that meets your exact requirements.  815-281-5378 or email at sci@sterlingcontrols.com

Bulk Bag Filling

Sterling Systems & Controls has designed and manufactured bulk bag filling systems for a wide range of applications. Whether as a standalone process or a part of an overall bulk material processing system, Sterlings’ bulk bag filling stations and packaging systems are custom designed to fit your exact process and to perform the way you need and want them to. Sterling Systems will also design and provide the automation and process control system for the entire bag filling and packaging operation, which can include a Motor Starter Process Control Panel with an Allen Bradley PLC (provides both discrete and analog outputs), an Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 10” color touchscreen, custom automation software including all M/O/A (Manual/Off/Automatic) switches with running indicating lights, four (4) motor starters, and all necessary fusing, wiring etc. to meet the application requirements.

Bulk Bag Discharging/Unloading

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. offers a full line of Bulk Bag Unloading and Weighing Systems that incorporate many of the same structural aspects as the microminor, and bulk weighing systems, but are specifically designed to unload a bulk bag or tote, typically into a fixed hopper within the system.

Solutions are provided for unloading bulk bags of dry bulk solid materials and filling the supply bins such as drums or tote tippers. In addition, batch weighing can be added along with batching controls. These can include the addition of mechanical or pneumatic conveying, a choice of weighing solutions including gain-in-weight & loss-in-weight.