Bulk Bag Unloading Systems Customized

Bulk Bag Unloader with Magnet

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. is pleased to announce its line of custom engineered bulk bag unloading and material weighing systems. These bulk bag unloading systems are designed to meet customer objectives and can include custom frame engineering to fit your specific facility requirements. They can also include many special features, such as material weighing and batch dispensing, system controls for automatic operation, bag hoist, bag massagers, a variety of discharge valve types, dust containment/collection, tramp metal magnet separators and much more.

Our line of custom engineered bulk bag discharging systems are rugged process equipment systems and incorporate many of the same structural aspects as our micro, minor, and major ingredient weighing systems, but are specifically designed to unload or discharge a bulk bag, typically into a fixed hopper within your system.

Bulk bag discharging systems are customized to meet the specific needs of each customer application. Solutions are often provided to directly fill supply bins such as drums or tote tippers, or move material to the next process point via mechanical or pneumatic conveying. Custom bulk bag discharge systems also are routinely incorporated into our ingredient batching systems. Whatever your application needs, Sterling Systems will customize a bulk bag unloading system to meet your specific requirements.

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has 50 years of experience providing efficient solutions for bulk solids material handling, ingredient batching, micro/minor/bulk weighing, bag filling and unloading systems, as well as process controls and plant automation. Sterling’s designs utilize the latest technology to provide bulk solids material processing, specialized data management, raw material management, along with production data tracking. For more information contact Sterling Systems & Controls at 1-815-281-5378, sci@sterlingcontrols.com, and at www.sterlingcontrols.com.