Auger Feeders Ensure Batching Reliability

Sterling, IL – For Immediate Release:  Sterling Systems & Controls auger-type screw feeders are a critical component within ingredient batching systems for food processing, feed milling and many other industrial applications. Auger feeders ensure batching reliability from Sterling Systems, excelling beyond other brands with three key features:

  • Each end of the feeder incorporates industrial-grade bearings to support the auger, preventing contact with its housing.
  • Seals are located between the product zone and auger bearings. An air gap between the bearing and seal plates creates a buffer zone to ensure the material doesn’t enter the bearings and lubricant doesn’t enter the material.
  • Keeping the auger in suspension using shaft clamps is key to ensuring that the thrust load is not transferred to the drive assembly, which therefore increases drive life. Shock absorbing couplings are used to help reduce the start/stop shock on the motor/drive.

These features keep the Sterling Systems batching and weighing systems working with excellent long term performance and reliability; providing auger feeders ensure batching reliability..

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. has 50 years of experience providing efficient solutions for material weighing, batching, as well as process control and process automation.

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