Controls For An Automated Conveying and Grading System


Sterling Systems and Controls was tasked with creating an automation control system for a sugar grinding and conveying system.

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Develop controls for a conveying/sifting system capable of unloading bulk bags of coarse granulated sugar at a customer specified rate and grading the product into three mesh sizes for future process needs.


Sterling provided a space saving control system to guarantee proper transfer of material to the screener from the dilute phase vacuum conveying system.

A local control panel provides the operators with all the system information needed to start, operate, troubleshoot, pause, and stop the system.

The main control panel provides the junction for all the equipment connections, information received from the field, and signal inputs/outputs necessary for proper operation.

For time saving purposes and convenience of operation, an automated bulk bag unloading station with a manual dump option was selected.

Handling operation was made simple with an integrated winch for lifting bulk bags to desired platform height for unloading. This station is equipped with pneumatically operated massage paddles that agitate packed material and assist with flow out of the bulk bag. To take care of safety concerns, a dust collection system was installed on the unloading station.

After the product separation process, three different product particle sizes are discharged and transferred to their final destination by screw conveyors. The desired quantities are then collected at the filling stations and determined by the integrated scale platform with weight indicators.
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