Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling

Sterling Systems & Controls, Inc. custom designs and manufactures the highest quality liquid handling and dosing systems, i.e. tote and dispensing systems. Not all liquid dispensing systems feature tote containers. Drums and barrels are also used. The liquid-handling tote and dispensing systems are used in a wide range of industries, including food production and other industrial applications.

“Mother Tote” Liquid Dosing System

Some liquid handling systems, known as “Mother Tote” systems, liquid tote ingredient systems, will discharge fluid from a portable or removable tote into a stationary tote that acts as a liquid surge tank. The same type of arrangement also exists in liquid dispensing systems using removable barrels or drums. The fluid is then metered from the stationary surge tote/tank into mixing bowls or other destinations.

Dispensing can be done by weight or volume, as required by the process. Sterling Systems & Controls can also provide process control and automation for the liquid tote and dispensing systems. Using Allen-Bradley PLC’s and HMI’s, or desktop PC’s with touchscreen displays running Sterling Systems’ customized Windows-based Automation Software, no two systems are alike. You get what you need and what you want.


• Automated dispensing controls
• Less manual intervention & mess
• Improved consistency of applying material
• More accurate metering of liquids
• Food grade applications
• Dispensing system using spray bar improves disbursement of liquid material into mixing device
• More uniform flow and product conveying of fluids due to the heated dispensing system
• Reduce the cost of materials
• Totes are most often reusable
• Eliminate disposal of small containers (buckets, drums/barrels, jugs, etc.)



Working With Us

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